DK&H Chapter 5-2

Demon King & Hero Chapter 5-2: What are you meant to be! Me? A demon king~♥


TL: Eevee

Ed: adkji




“Yeah… So, this is Charm, one of the demon kings of the demon world. She rules over envy and jealousy… Ayariss.”




“Ah, and here, the hero that wrecked Destruction previously, Yuria Ashrien.”



At those words, Aya’s curiosity was piqued.



“Oh, there was a kid that pretended to be a high-class demon and came to the human world, got smacked around by you, and ran away crying back to the demon world. He’s actually a demon king.”



Yuria’s eyes widened. Well sure, weakened or not, to think that she would beat a demon king!


At those words, the demon king shrug his shoulders and said,


“I told you, I can’t beat you.”


At those words, Yuria started grinning like an idiot.


“What are you laughing for. Is being a musclehead something to be proud of?”




But, at Aya’s condescending words, the staring match between the two resumed again.


“Uh, girls?”





Having utterly failed at quelling the brewing catfight, the demon king retreated to a corner with his tail between his legs.


‘Being weak is a sin…’


Both women were opponents that he couldn’t beat, even with his power unbound. Actually, never mind that, the differences between him and those two were so vast, it was more likely that he’d die before he even had a chance to fight.


“Running away comes first.”


He needed to find a way to beat the two first before taking them on.

His Greed. Someone who fought not with strength, but with intellect.






As the demon king quietly went out the door, the demon king named Charm and I stared at each other.

With a height just short of 160cm, her round eyes and smooth nose went well with her figure, leading to an overall ‘cute’ impression.

But, the tiny smirk at the corner of her mouth indicated an odd maturity so she didn’t look underage or immature, by all means.


And… What the hell was up with that! Those breasts on that body!

What on earth were those melons that were completely out of place on that slim body or that cute face!




What was that laugh for! Do you find me amusing!


“Cliff side.”


You dooooo!


Don’t stare at my breasts! I’m average, average!


“Humans are so small.”


With an oddly seductive smile, she started groping her own breasts.


‘Is she picking a fight? Is that it?’


I barely calmed my quivering hands. If you get angry here, you lose! I calmed myself down, and maintained my smile. You can do this, Yuria! Don’t lose to something like a demon king!


There has to be something that I can win at! Surely!


“Those massive things are just cheating.”



Looking at this self-superior smirking demon king, I made an expression likewise.


“You called yourself Aya?”

“Don’t call me by my name, human.”

“What then, Charm? Looking at what happened earlier, you called the demon king ‘darling…’ he didn’t seem to like that?”

“Hmph. So what? That man’s never shown interest in women.”


Looking at this snorting demon king called Charm, I let out one of my own. What, no interest in women?


“Ara? It seemed like he was quite excited when he first met me?”



That’s good, keep those reactions coming!


“As I thought, big breasts are pointless. You know, he proposed to me when we first met, saying that he had fallen in love with me at first sight?”


Waaa, saying this with my own mouth is so embarrassing!


‘But if I can beat this big-boobs demon king, I can do anything!’


“You know, every day he goes on and on about how I’m his, his wife or ‘darling…’ You know I’m quite tired of it, right?”


Well, I missed a few steps in between there, but the truth’s the truth!


“Oh my? Are you hurting somewhere?”


At my taunting words, a vein bulged out on this demon king’s forehead! Those heavy things called breasts, who needs them~


“Ieeeeet! Even though I came onto him at least once a day, I thought he was a eunuch or gay because he never responded! That hero otaku actually found one and is drooling over her! For a fucking cliffside!”

“Says the one who only has her breasts! Who would ever want an oppai demon king like you! Breasts aren’t all a woman have!”

“Hmph! So says the cliff trying to defend herself! Fine, then, it’s a challenge!”



Hmph! Come at me!


“Yeah, a challenge!”


And thus, the fight between the hero and the demon king began.




Author’s Notes:

Subtitle: The ordeals of the demon king. Start.

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TLN: RIP Demon king, see you in the afterlife…

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  1. ‘And now, coming to you live from what will become a huge crater in the middle of nowhere, we present to you ‘The First Battle For the Demon King, by The Hero and The Demon King.

    In the blue corner, featuring her nonex-*glare* FLAT IS JUSTICE Fighter HERO YURIA.
    And in the red corner, featuring her massive me-*glare* BIG IS BETTER Charmer DEMON KING CHARM

    The prize for this battle will be the Demon King Greed, and both women have shown an interested in him, and we *whispers* are seriously too weak to stop them, so might as well make this a good event *whispers*-

    Ladies, to your places. AND FIGHT!’

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