DK&H Chapter 5-1

Demon King & Hero Chapter 5-1: What are you meant to be! Me? A demon king~♥


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So, the start of a new arc.

Warning: prepare your insulin for the duration of this entire chapter. You’ll need it.



An ordinary wasteland.

In that wasteland, around a kilometre or so from the nearby village, a man and a woman were pulling weeds.


“You iiiidiiiiiiooooooottt!”

“Wha, why?”


The flustered woman, Yuria, asked timidly.


“Do they look like weeds to you?! Why?! Are you ignoring all the weeds and only pulling out the rice plants?!”


The man, the demon king, was shaking, clutching the back of his neck. Where his finger was pointing towards indicated the complete destruction of the rice plants he had painstakingly planted in a nice straight line.


“Were humans a species that ate weeds! Are weeds worth throwing away rice for!”

“Uuuu… They all look so similar though…”

“How does that make any sense! They’ve got absolutely nothing in common aside from being green! No, before that, how many times have I told you, the rice are the ones in a straight line!”


At the demon king’s words, Yuria shut her mouth.




It had been a month since the demon king was kidnapped. In that short time, with a force of a hero, she had completely and utterly wrecked the household chores several times already.


“Huu… Let’s go eat.”


After painstakingly repairing the fields, the demon king sighed and headed for the house.




The depressed Yuria could only tag along behind him.










“I can never get used to that.”


The scowling demon king muttered, looking outside. What he was doing right now was cooking. It was already a crime to let Yuria cook, and having awakened to the fact that leaving her alone when she tried was also a sin, the demon king had never let Yuria cook from then onwards.






And so what he had made Yuria do was cutting firewood. This was normally a man’s role, but in this household, the divisions of labour between man and woman were quite blurred.






“But what on earth do you have to do to hear explosions from axes.”


When he had first told her to cut logs for firewood, the demon king had first thought it was the remnants of that completely fearless evil organization.

Because he kept hearing explosions in the vicinity.

But when he eventually approached the source of origin, he had found Yuria, who was stacking up enough wood to build a house with.




“Well, it’s not like there are any problems with that.”


She’s a hero anyway… With that in mind, he had done detailed checks of whether there were any cracks in the house, or if the ground was about to collapse, and other various examinations, but so far there hadn’t been any problems.




“She even sounds like a hero.”


The demon king shrugged his shoulders and returned to the kitchen and continued cooking.

‘Today is a peaceful day as well.’ (TLN: We’ve all been reading L/WNs long enough to know that’s a sign)


Those thoughts of the demon king, were shortly annihilated by a single presence.




“I’m full~”


With a happy smile, Yuria rubbed her belly. Looking on, the demon king sighed.


“Haaa… Hero, if you’re a woman, you should pay some attention?”

“Discrimination against women is prohibited!”

“No, I’m pretty sure exposing your stomach should be embarrassing for men and women?”

“Hmph, I’m reasonably confident…”


Yuria’s belly, or to be accurate: her abs, were completely coated in the scars of her trials… Not. Rather, it was perfectly smooth. Unlike other female swordsmen, there were few visible signs of muscles, and with a waist thin enough to be covered by a single hand, she looked more like a runaway noble’s daughter than a veteran warrior.


“Do the boys like that?”

“Hmph. I’m not some easy woman who’d expose her belly for anyone~”

“You just did.”


At Yuria’s actions, a textbook example of hypocrisy, the demon king had to resist the urge to sigh again, before rapping her forehead with his knuckes.


“That hurts!”

“It was meant to. Anyways..”

“Wa, wait a sec!”

“Don’t change the subject.”

“No, not that, I think someone’s here?”



Knock knock knock.


The demon king finally heard the sound of someone knocking on the door, and tilted his head in confusion.


‘A traveller? Or has someone lost their way?’


The demon king got up and opened the door.




And a woman threw herself onto the demon king.


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EN: Uh oh……. Jealous hero maybe?


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