DK&H Chapter 4-5

Demon King & Hero Chapter 4-5: I am! That is! [The Hero!]


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“So, this is what it feels like to feel sorry for the enemy…”


Looking at the collapsed black-robed man, Yuria made a bitter expression.


‘But, he was still the leader of one of the greatest evil organisations… To think that he didn’t even tell us his name once…


Yuria held a moment of silence for the unnamed villain, before gathering up the collapsed children, and started to draw a magic formation.


“Where, um, was this here? Umm… or this?”

“Is the hero gonna summon a demon king?”

“It’s Recovery Magic!”


An enraged Yuria shrieked, but the demon king merely narrowed his eyes and pointed at the magic formation with his foot.


“That, if you activate it, it’ll explode?”

“Re, really?”


In all honesty, there were many that people called a Hero in the empire, but the reason why Yuria was called the best was simple.


Because she’s the strongest.


The reason for that was because, normally, the fact that the heroes would be excellent with a sword was a given. But, they should also be good with a spear, archery, magic, spirits, summoning, sometimes having blacksmithing ability to the degree of creating new legendary swords, or alchemy to create entirely new potions or medicines.


But, Yuria had purely developed her sword.

To the point of being the best in the empire and one of the greatest in the entire continent.


Cutting down arrows mid-flight, cutting spells with sword ki. If things like legendary swords stopped her way, she simply broke them by strengthening her own blade.


Even if she did learn skills for treatment, that would barely qualify as first aid. Actually, scratch that, it wasn’t even at that level.


‘The fact that her patients didn’t die is great in itself.’


Sighing, the demon king, still wrapped up in chains, toddled along to Yuria’s side.


“You could always undo the chains yourself.”

“I had magic power to spare then, I’m actually weak right now.”


Taking a glance at the magic formation, the demon king poked at it with his foot.


“Hang on, you can’t poke away at a magic formation like…”


Yuria, startled, was about to yell at the demon king again, but took one look at the letters on the ground and shut her mouth.


‘Why the hell are the letters drawn with a foot better than the ones I drew with my sword!’


The letters that Yuria had painstakingly drawn… had poorer penmanship that the ones the demon king had roughly scratched with his foot. (1)


“You still don’t know the demon world that well. The demons like to fight, but they hate dealing with the aftermath. Which is why I deal with nearly all of it. If I get really busy, I need to process forms with my feet as well.”

“Re, really?”

“To be precise, I move my pen with my hands, and stamp them with my feet.”


Yuria imagined the demon king at work processing a mountain of paperwork.


‘Tha, that might actually be possible?’


“What are you doing? Go on and supply magic?”


At the image that got only funnier the longer Yuria thought on it, Yuria chuckled, and at that, the demon king gestured with a sour expression.


“Is this an amplification formation?”

“I changed it to one specialized for Recovery Magic.”


As Yuria casted Recovery Magic and slowly fed in magic power, the magic formation started glowing with a white radiance.


“That said, is a demon king allowed to save kids?”

“I told you I quit that.”


At the demon king’s words, Yuria’s head tilted.


“But, you said earlier that the magic you used was one borrowed from the demon god. So, shouldn’t it vanish if you did quit?”

“I told you. There are plenty to govern combat aspects, but very few to manage domestics. So they probably haven’t given up on me.”

“Th, then… Isn’t that a problem?”


As Yuria’s expression cramped, the demon king smiled.


“That’s why I sealed my power. Then, they can’t find me. Plus, in case of emergencies, I did leave a backup system so that the demon world would be fine without me for about one or two years. Although, my underlings might be half-dead.”


The demon king winked once he finished. At his ‘did I do good?’ expression, the hero sighed.


“You undid that seal. What now?”

“Ah… Well, the kids who have been searching for me will probably find me?”

“So then what?”

“They’ll come to get me. But, since they can’t come en masse, they’ll come discreetly.”




A moment passed. Then, Yuria picked up her sword and a smile started creeping across her face again.


“That reminds me. What did you say earlier?”

“Uh, hm?”


At Yuria’s bloodthirsty smile, the demon king flinched and took a step back.


“Someone else’s wife? Got nothing aside from her face and sword?”


As Yuria advanced one step, the demon king retreated two.

But the demon king’s chained two steps were shorter than Yuria’s one.


“Who’s your ‘lovely?’ And what’s wrong with my normal personality!”


A blue aura surrounded and condensed around the hero’s sword.

The romance of all swordsmen, the sword ki granted only to those awakened with the sword!


“Eh, excuse me, Hero-shi? No, Hero-nim?(2) Aren’t you supposed to NOT use something that scary on a human?”

“It’s alright~ My ‘darling’ is a demon king?”


Normally, the demon king would have been very happy about being called ‘darling,’ but right now, it only scared him more.


“B, but the kids…”

“That’s okay. I put in plenty of magic power so the formation will keep running for a while, and the kids won’t wake up in the meantime.”


Yuria’s pressure started intensifying.


Right then, Yuria’s sword aura transcended to a new colour to an absolutely perfect azure hue! Every swordsman’s dream, something which there were few users of even in the entire continent, something beyond mere comprehension. But, it required absolute mastery and domination of the sword, only usable by the culmination of every facet of sword arts!

At Yuria’s sword aura, the demon king’s face blanched.


“Y, you know, you didn’t even use that in the previous fight…”

“You need at least this for a demon king raid!”



As Yuria slowly advanced, the demon king undid the seal and broke the chains.


“Emergency escape!”

“Get back heeeeerrrre!”


And so the demon king continued to escape from Yuria’s sword for a while longer.




End of Chapter 4-5


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Author’s note


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But, for a good reason, I got ‘Welcome to the Superhuman Alliance’ Volumes 1 to the latest available Volume 8! (TLN: Now up to volume 16)

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Translator’s Notes

(1) Well, it’s ‘handwriting’ in the raws, but given how one of them wrote with a sword and the other with his foot… Yeah, no. I refuse to translate that as ‘handwriting.’

(2) -shi and -nim are two suffixes that are used to represent social hierarchy, where the former is used between equals and the latter to superiors. A familiar JP equivalent would be the -san and -sama.


EN: The hero is now dominating.


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