DK&H Chapter 3-3

Demon King & Hero Chapter 3-3


TL: Eevee

Ed: adkji


Note: This chapter is from Yuria’s point of view.

Also, before I forget to clarify, the author does use, a lot in the raws, Korean literary comedy a bit to indicate something which seems legit but is in fact one that makes you do a double take. For example, the โ€˜loverโ€™s quarrel(?)โ€™ from a few chapters ago. The usage of words that should make you do one of these.




“Uuuuu… That wicked man.”


I still have a lot of things I’m good at!


Sword skills? Even if I look like this, I’m praised as the best in the empire.


And as for other things…


“There’s nothing…”


What am I good at other than swinging a sword?

Even I know how bad I am at cooking. No, calling it alchemy would be more accurate.

Dishes? Same as my failures at alchemy.

Needlework? Even when my hands had been blistered and shredded from sword practise, they probably still hadn’t bled as much as they had just then.

Farming? I was feeling sorry for the demon king for that.


“But there’s still no reason to put it that way…”


Pouting, I looked down towards the village.

The village festival was still in full swing.

Children were holding their parentsโ€™ hands, laughing and smiling, and the air was full of affection released by happy couples.


“I envy them… I wish I coul-”




Wha, what was I thinking?


“The opposition is a demon king, a demon king!”


Frantically shaking my head, I calmed my heart. That’s right, the opponent is a demon king!

This whole thing could be just a grand plot yet.


“Even though it doesn’t look like that…”


I still couldn’t forget the demon king’s smiling face, framed by the rays of the setting sun.

Even I, who would admit to being dense, could tell the sincerity behind that smile.




Hugging my knees, I puffed my cheeks out. Wuuu, but not even coming to look for me is too much!

Looking on the village for a long time, I eventually stand up, tired of watching.


“Argh, just why did I swear on the Scales of the Chief God.”


Grumbling, I returned to the village head’s house, where the village head turned his head and said,


“Eh? Did you not meet up? He ran out a while ago?”


“Hmm, perhaps your paths just didn’t cross?”


There was no way. When I had been keeping watch from the village hill, I hadn’t seen the demon king’s figure.


“I’ll go look for him!”


I couldn’t explain it, but my instincts were telling me something was amiss.

This feeling… It’s certainly not good.

I started by looking around the village.


“Excuse me, have you seen the man walking with me…”

“Have you seen someone with black hair and a handsome face…”


But no matter how much I searched, no one had seen him.


“If he had come after me straight away this couldn’t have happened…”


Something was definitely up.

Plus, that demon king is weak, isn’t he?

After wandering for another while, it was when I returned back to the village head’s house.


The house beside the village head’s.


There was a familiar code on the house in the corner of the village.




The code of the Devil Walkers, the group that summoned demon kings.

And the contents encrypted in that code…


“Demon king capture complete. Returning to base.”




“They say they were successful in capturing the demon king.”




In a small fortress on the northern coast of the empire, the leader of the Devil Walkers smiled and said,


“Kukuku, they brought out the weakest one. Sure, that division was formed of the strongest elites, but to think that that demon king would be captured so easily.”

“According to the lower demons, that demon king manages domestic affairs. It seems like he has no use in combat.”

“Yes, back then, we were too rushed, so we hadn’t prepared properly.”


The demon king who had been summoned by sacrificing nearly five hundred children.

But, that demon king had abandoned them. They had themselves been subject to a concentrated offense by both the church and the hero and were driven close to annihilation.

And later, when they had sacrificed ten virgins to summon another lesser demon, they had heard a shocking piece of information.

That the demon king they had summoned was managed domestic affairs, and therefore, he had no battle potential.


But in that, they had a single thing to hope for.


However weak, a demon king was still a demon king.

If he was used, then no more than three hundred children would be needed to summon another one.


Thus, they had scoured the empire and finally found him, but there was another immovable wall in the path to their plan. That was to say, the one who had played the biggest role in destroying their organisation, the Guardian of Azure Flames, was right beside the demon king.


Because of that, they hadn’t had even a glimpse of opportunity to make a move. And so, they kept an eye on them with the ‘Shadows,’ their most skilled agents in espionage, and they had finally succeeded in capturing the demon king.


“That damn bitch, who knew she would know of our plans and use such a normal village girl(?) like disguise.”

“Aren’t all heroes like that? Looking all proud and honourable, when in reality, they’re worse than us.”


The two, who could have never imagine in their wildest dreams that Yuria had been conquered by the demon king, continued the conversation for a while longer before bringing it to a close.


“Wahahaha! We can just do it again! This time, we’re going to summon Destruction, the strongest demon king in the entire demon realm!”


Their cries echoed through the fortress.




End of Chapter 3




Author’s Notes:

Ye~p, this is the evil organisation whose fate is to be utterly destroyed by the hero for the sake of plot development.

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TLN: It’s been a while since we saw Yuria actually get respected as a hero, innit? If only those poor nameless mooks knew…

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