DK&H Chapter 2-4

Demon King and Hero Chapter 2-4


TL: Eevee

Ed: adkji


Note: This chapter is from Yuria’s point of view.




Okay, so I’m bad at cooking and cleaning.


“L, like this?”

“No, idiot hero.”


H, hmph! I don’t need to be good at needlework!


“Th, this way?”

“Idiot hero.”


Who knew knitting would be such dangerous work…


“Th, then like this?”



I’m an idiot…


Sniffling in the corner, I looked back at my life so far.

With the goal of restoring my family, I didn’t think of anything but the sword.

If I was short of money, I would hunt monster. And as for food, up till now, I’d mostly have jerky or dried fruits.

The amazing thing was, I’ve been travelling for several years, and I hadn’t even tried grilling a steak let alone cooking.


It was at that time.


“Really, I expected more from a hero, but it turns out you can’t do a thing. I don’t know what you would’ve done if it wasn’t for being a hero.”


That sarcastic voice. Even then, that tone of mischevious teasing.


“B, being a hero is hard work!”


Even I have some pride in my career(?) choice!


“So, what does a hero do?”

“Hmph! A hero keeps the world at peace!”


Yep, what can be more important than that? However, that evil demon king said something that should never have been said.


“So, does that mean you become redundant if the world’s at peace?”



Yes, I’m useless if it’s peaceful! A pointless load who can’t do housework that only knows how to swing a sword! As I started crying, that damn demon king tapped my shoulder, why the hell is he smiling so happily?


“It’s alright, even if I look like this I’m good in the home.”


So he says with a thumbs up. Wait a second, isn’t there something wrong with this scenario?


“Sniff, isn’t it the woman that meant to be the homemaker?”

“Doesn’t matter. But instead, the hero’s the one that provides for us, okay?”

“With what?”

“The hero doesn’t know how to do anything, right? So earning money through monster hunting as always.”




A tiny little dagger just embedded itself into my heart.


“That’s right, it’s not like I can do anything but that anyway.”


Uuuuu… So depressing…


I put in so much effort in mastering the sword arts, and this is the end result! For real? Really? Did the heavens really not grant me any talents aside from being good with a sword?


Surrounded by my miserable aura, the demon king flinched, but quickly gave a (fake) smile and said,


“Ha, ha ha! It’s alright. Farming was the original plan so there’s no need for money?”

“And I ruined that harvest.”


The half ruined field of the demon king that I had destroyed a few days ago came to my mind.


‘Ahh, this is so depressing…’


“Oi, it’s alright, you know?”


Wh, what!


“It’s okay. The hero is the woman I chose, you know? So what if you can’t do housework? So cute and lovable.”




Wha, wa, wh-wh-what are you doiiiiing!


The demon king whispered in my ear, cuddling me from behind. Th, this is charm magic! Th, that’s right! It must be! O, otherwise my heart wouldn’t be fluttering like this, wouldn’t I?!


‘He is handsome though…’


How is that brightly smiling face so attra… No, no!


“D-don’t cuddle me all of a sudden!”


“Wh, who’s embarrassed! I just don’t want someone evil like a demon king cuddling me!”



Ah, he’s sulking!


For a brief moment I flinched, looking at the demon king depressed by my words.

I, I haven’t done anything wrong? Really!




I haven’t done anything… Re, really…


“Ex, excuse me?”

“Uuu… I am but an evil demon king…”


Ack! The situation’s getting worse!


“Yes… I am an evil demon king! Now to conquer the world!”

“That’s not it!”


Why are you so motivated all of a sudden! You said yourself you couldn’t be bothered with world conquest!


“Why? I am an evil demon king, so world domination is a given.”

“Then, then what about me?”



Are you serious?


“That! Th, that’s…”


How the hell do you expect me to say this!




He knows. He’s doing this even though he knows!


“Y, you know?”

“Know what? I don’t know?”


That was not a face of ignorance or uncertainty. He was smiling in a way that screamed ‘of course I know,’ after all!


“Th, that’s… I, I’m your woman…”


Not embarrassed. Absolutely not embarrassed at all. Yes, this was due to the contract! All because of the contract sworn on the Scales of the Chief God!





With a smirk on his face, holding my hand, the demon king pulled me towards him.


“I, I told you not to cuddle?”

“Then, do you want to go for world domination?”


This evil man!


“Hee hee, I don’t care if I’m evil~ Besides, you’re mine? What’s wrong with me cuddling my woman?”


At this demon king who was snuggling into me, looking pleased with himself. I really need to say something, but I couldn’t find anything to say.


‘It, it’s not because I’m embarrassed or anything!’




Author’s note:

This story generally diverges between two points of view, that of the author and Yuria.

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TLN: Lol Yuria such tsundere

EN: DK flirt game strong, must take notes



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