DK&H Chapter 2-3

Demon King & Hero Chapter 2-3


TL: Eevee

Ed: adkji




“L, like this?”


“No, idiot hero.”


“Th, this way?”


“Idiot hero.”


“Th, then like this?”






Looking at Yuria, close to tears in a corner of the room, the demon king let out a sigh.


“Maybe there was such a thing as a divine calling in careers after all.”


Just where was the strong, intense hero that he had first met. Now, in her place, was this troublesome girl.


“I shouldn’t have said anything.”


They had given up on cooking.


They had given up on washing the dishes.


They tried needlework.


The end result: blood everywhere.


The demon king suspected that she probably hadn’t bled this much even when she fought top-tier demons.


In the end, after sticking plasters onto just about every inch of her hand, he’d made her try knitting, which did not use needles. [1]


It was another tragic result.


The hero that broken free of endless traps from countless evil organisations had been completely ensnared by two balls of yarn, flailing to get free.


The last thing he had made her try was farming.


That… the demon king had shed tears at that.


His lovingly cultivated field was half-upturned, and half the crops that the hero had harvested became useless trash. (The other half wasn’t much better off, either.)


And so, the demon king pondered just what to do with this useless hero, and the hero in question was sniffling in despair.


“Just what would she have done if she wasn’t a hero?”


About to sigh yet again, the demon king’s eye noticed the hero sniffling in the corner, and a smile broke out on his face.


‘Then again, who would be able to see the greatest swordmaster on the entire continent sniffling in a corner like this.’


For some reason, the demon king found this all too cute,


“Really, I expected more from a hero but, it turns out you can’t do a thing. What would you have done if you weren’t a hero.”


With the most sarcastic voice he had, he started poking fun at the hero.




Author’s notes:


There should be more tomorrow. (Than this)

Plus, even cringier. (TLN: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

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Translator’s Notes:

[1] I dunno, maybe knitting needles don’t count? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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  1. He has two main options then left :

    1. Beauty
    2. Combat skills

    Considering 2 includes grappling skills, and both of them are generally in peak physical condition… hee hee.

    Other than that ‘Home Defence Guard’ is a viable option if he doesn’t want her to leave for work.

  2. Well, knitting needles aren’t actually sharp, so he probably presumed that she wouldn’t be able to stab herself as easily… Which probably means he hadn’t yet lowered his expectations far enough. 😉

    Thanks for translating, btw! 😀

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