DK&H Chapter 2-2

Demon King & Hero Chapter 2-2


TL: Eevee

Ed: adkji


“L, like this?”


“No, idiot hero.”


Normally, Yuria would have said something but, for once, she kept silent.


She had followed the demon king’s orders to the letter, yet his dish was a complete vegetable soup, whereas she had concocted some frightening ‘food’ yet again.


“Ha… Eat this for now. I’ll go throw that away.”


“I still worked hard to make it though…”


As Yuria slightly became crestfallen, the demon king said,


“Then do you want to eat it?”


“Thanks for the meal.” [1]


As soon as the word ‘eat’ came up Yuria handed over the food(?) she made and started eating the demon king’s vegetable soup.


Looking at Yuria’s figure, the demon king sighed.


‘My image of a hero is being…’


Somehow, despite using the exact same ingredients, recipe, and method that he had used, another cursed liquid was created.


“Now where do I throw this away…”


When he buried Yuria’s previous attempt at cooking, he saw something erupt from the ground.


“If I dispose of this in the ground again, I might get a blessing(?) from the earth god…”


Shaking his head, the demon king had no choice but to grab a glass jar from his room, seal the hero-style cooking(?) and after doing so, opened the kitchen door.


“What the hell…”


Another scene of chaos. And in the middle of this carnage was Yuria, who with a slightly awkward smile, poked out her tongue just a tiny bit. [2]


“Sorry, I was doing the dishes.”






The demon king, finally, blew his top.


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Translator’s notes


[1] Basically a prayer/chant/custom to say before you start eating your meal in Korea. The JP equivalent would be ‘itadakimasu.’


[2] Something like this, she’s basically (trying) to cover her epic fail up with cuteness. Also, something for the religious among us.

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  1. >blessing(?)

    He’s a demon, so a blessing would be bad for him.
    Punishment from the Earth God for poisoning the earth… even though it’s a wasteland.

  2. Thanks for the chapter Eevee and adkji! His living costs are probably through the roof this month haha. About to go into debt despite being the Demon King of Economy. The irony.

  3. I must say, the chapter/volume length in this novel is quite short 😛 Usually you would need a few hundred pages for a volume, at least a hundred or two hundred, but going from volume 1 and what I’ve seen in volume 2, it seems that just a few dozen pages at most is in each novel. Seems it will be a quick read, haha.

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