DK&H Chapter 2-1

Demon King and Hero Chapter 2-1: L-Like this? No, idiot hero.

TL: Eevee

Ed: adkji




Opening her eyes, Yuria looked around and sighed.


She had made a bet with the (allegedly former) demon king, lost, and was proposed to, to boot.


“Was he serious?”


Yuria tilted her head. A hero that was proposed to by a demon king…


“No, this is a chance!”


But, Yuria thought positively. At the demon king’s side, this was the perfect opportunity for her to observe and keep him in check.


But to Yuria who was thinking such a thing, the demon king launched an attack most surely befitting a demon king.


“You’re up? Then, make me breakfast.”




“If I was innocent you swore to follow my Eve. Ry. Word, didn’t you?”


At the smirk on his face and the taunt in his voice, her rage spiked and she confidently yelled,


“Hmph! It’s merely cooking! By all means!”


Watching the fuming Yuria storm into the kitchen, the demon king smirked.


“Well then, let’s see what food cooked by a hero tastes like, shall we?”


Shortly afterwards, a giant explosion rocked through the kitchen.




“A, an ambush?”


Back when he still wasn’t recognised as a demon king, it was a sound he had heard very often.


When the demon king reached the kitchen, what he saw was Yuria, looking as if she had just gone toe to toe with a demon king, holding a pot containing some unidentifiable black liquid.


“Did some other demons attack? Or retribution from some criminal group with a grudge? And what’s that? That liquid that looks completely saturated with curses?” the demon king said, looking at the liquid radiating such an immense aura. No doubt, it was some powerful item.


‘To think that I would taste such fear,’ was what his instincts were telling him. That, that liquid could harm even him.


As the demon king stared at the pot with such an expression of fear, Yuria reddened and shouted,


“What are you looking so scared for! You’re the one that told me to cook!”




The expression of non-understanding lasted briefly before it morphed into horror.


“Th, th, this is cooking?”


In contrast with the sheet-white demon king, Yuria’s face turned the darkest shade of red and yelled,


“This IS cooking, so what!”


Shocked at those words, the demon king’s eyes flitted briefly towards the black liquid and back.


“Wh, what dish is this?”


“It, it’s obviously soup!”


The demon king pondered. Was that so. He had always wondered how such weak humans managed to get so strong.


‘If they grew up eating this, even the weakest child could get stronger. But, it would be a miracle if one out of a hundred survived…’


Perhaps, humans might actually be the crueller species.


Thinking this, the demon king asked,


“Then taste it yourself.”


“Wh, what? T, tasting should obviously be done by the one who asked for it!”


At her flustered voice, the demon king did a re-evaluation of his thoughts.


‘So I was mistaken. Then again, let alone humans, even demons would probably have a hard time eating that.’


Maybe if it was fed to an angel, it could make them fall?


“Let’s learn first.”


“Learn what?” What was he telling her to learn? As Yuria tilted her head, with a determined expression set on his face, the demon king said,


“Cooking, of course.”




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TLN: Cooking that can make an angel fall (lol). Miia and Mizuki Himeji, eat your heart out.

Also, in the previous chapter, I translated ‘매혹’ to ‘Lust,’ when a more accurate translation would have been ‘Charm.’ The previous chapter has been amended to reflect this change.

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  1. I think I’ve read and watched this *girl so bad at cooking that it twists reality and turns into explosives/poison/knockout material* gag one too many times… It’s so stale that I can’t even laugh or smirk at it anymore… I remember when I saw it the first time, I laughed a lot and was really amused, I also enjoyed it a few times after that, but Japanese people seems to love clichés and re-used jokes that they got from other works. Just on the top of my head, I can think of a dozen or so anime/novel/manga that has the exact same running joke in it, while the real number is probably at least several dozen… I guess it’s all about cheap laughs, I wish the author would at least go for the less-abused version where the food looks good but can knock you out, at least he could get some nice reactions from the unsuspecting tasters that way.

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