Demon King & Hero

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Demon King & Hero (마왕&용사) is a Korean novel on Joara, a Korean novel website. It is written by the author, Phantom of the Moonlit Night (월야-팬텀).

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Author Synopsis:

“You’re the Demon King?”

In response to the woman’s voice filled with murderous intent, the man opened his mouth.

“No, I quit that?”

※ Demon King & Hero will show you the absolute limits of chaotic storytelling.

Table of Contents:

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  1. Genders swapped, seems more like a comedy too. I doubt they are going to go into intelligent detailed economics mode like MMY. And the female hero seems like an idiot/ fan service bait /trash. Just because they have the same general plot online doesn’t mean they are rip offs or even anything a like.

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