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Eevee here. Alright guys, before you read any further, I should probably tell you a few things.

To start with, now would be a good time as ever to (properly) TL the original synopsis for the story. The author’s original synopsis said Demon King & Hero would show the utmost limits of “기승전병.” Now this is a corrupted version of 기승전결, which stands for ‘crisis (or the hook)’, ‘development,’ ‘turn,’ and ‘conclusion,’ A standard storytelling method. But the corruption to , which here, is an abbreviation for ‘retard’ or ‘idiot.’ So basically: crisis, development, turn, concl-waitwtfauthorwhatareyoudoingdafuqwaitwaitwaitwaitholdona– well, you get the idea. If any of you were planning to drop this, now is most likely the best time to do so. Anyone who steps over this line is here until the very end. Don’t get me wrong, the story is just as complete crack comedy as it was up till now, but I STRONGLY suggest, from this point onwards, leave all your expectations at the door, and expect utter mindless sidesplitting laughter at the expense of anything resembling a normal storyline. 

Thanks. In case you didn’t open a new tab or know where the back button is, back to the chapter HERE.

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    1. Same. I totally don’t understand what I need to be wary of.

      But I still enjoy the story now, so I’ll keep with it and regret it later if the story becomes awful.

      1. I’m assuming he’s saying that the novel turns into pure comedy with no plot whatsoever, kinda like how nisekoi has no plot whatsoever until the last few chapters but its called “romance”

  1. Well, to be fair it was already plainly visible that it wasn’t going to be an impressive novel for its story and character development from the very start, and the OP side of the heroine makes it unlikely to become action oriented either.
    I mean, she clearly can beat demon lords that are combat oriented already, which means that only the 2 “main” gods and the god of creation could be her opponents after all, as it’s stated that “gods” from the light side are the same as demon lords for the dark side.

    I’d have preferred for it to go a bit more without the situation, crisis, turn, conclusion setup, because it’s a bit of a boring one, but it’s a funny little story to read either way.

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