Commenting Event! (Aug 10(ish) – Aug 21)

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We finally have ads on our new site so please kindly support us by whitelisting adblock on our site!

So we will have an event starting today ending 11:59pm EST on Sunday, August 21.

This event is for everyone! And everyone wins!


  • $20 into donations for 1000-1999 comments
  • $50 into donations for 2000+ comments

Rules are as follows:

  1. Please be reasonable with your comments, meaning no spamming. If we do find a lot of spammers, we will end this event and possible future events as well.
  2. Please don’t spam comments on a single chapter or go back and comment on previous chapters.
  3. Please report spammers promptly so we can block them at [email protected] so that we can reduce spammers (continue event).

Finally, after the event, once the comments reach 1000+, we will have a poll to see where the donations go to (currently either SoJ or KotB)!

Thank you! And comment away!

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Comments 51

  1. This is terrible for me though…i posted a comment before this(i dont see it at the moment) & i dunno if it got posted or not cuz of the blank page(after submiting comment)…80% cuz of my slowwwww internet ;’I

  2. Do you mean 1000-2000 comments for one chapter or do you add the comments of all chapters that are being released starting today?

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  3. Alright everyone lets comment. Thanks for doing king of the battlefield i really love how its going it has the Reincarnator feel but without the spam ads from kobatochan and it isnt as slow either.

  4. Oooo an event! Good job translators, i really like this novel and your work is almost entirely error free and easy to read/understand! Couldn’t ask for more~
    Well, I wish i could comment on chapter 53 but here is fine too <3

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      1. We still love you guys. Dwai.

        Goals aren’t always reached, but as long as you even get 1% of the recognition you deserve, I think this would be a success.

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  5. Thanks for all your hard work. I seriously hope this reaches at least a thoushand . I want more KotB. It’s really good. A really good MC my favorite so far followed by Yang Cheng in Zhanxian which is also a good read I recommend it. Wait I can say that right? Anyways MORE COMMENTS FOR <>. XD *crosses fingers*

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