Chapter 6 + Updates (New Novel)!

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Here’s an early release of our regular chapter of King of the Battlefield (KotB)!


We are introducing a new novel, Top Management, as our second novel. It will not affect our translation speed in any way. Top Management will be released Wednesdays every week, starting next week. 🙂

We chose Top Management as a change of pace from the popular Fantasy World novels. It is about a simple man and his rise in the entertainment world in Korea. It is really interesting and hope you all try it out once we ‘officially’ start releasing next week.

Here’s the (incredibly short) prologue.

Because of this change we are once again changing our schedule (sorry) and will be releasing KotB on Mondays and Fridays. This let’s us balance out our releases throughout the week.

Both of these novels will have sponsored chapters. We will release up to 4 sponsored chapters in total per week. The price of each chapter will be the same and you just need to let us know through a note or email stating which one you want to donate for (default: KotB).

Thank you for all your support!

Myoni & Yoni

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