SMM Chapter 32

  1. 2,592,000 seconds

TL: Pineapple

Editor: Isalee

Shi Won was completely depressed ever since she found out that Manager Moon would be in America for an entire month.


It was already time to go home as the other staff members were packing up and leaving but Shi Won just sat there in her seat.


She opened the drawer and took out her notebook. She then began writing something down.


Manager Moon finished his work but he waited for Shi Won.


Because he knew why she was acting like this.




Hearing Manager Moon sigh, she turned and looked at him.


She tore a piece of notebook paper that had something written on it.


Then she moved her hand briskly, wrapped them around her bag, and rose from her seat.


“Manager Moon, I’m leaving.”


She bowed to Manager Moon and greeted the few remaining staff members before leaving the office.


“I’m leaving too.”


Manager Moon got up quickly from his seat and chased after her. He let out a small sigh of relief as he saw her waiting in front of the elevator.


Nobody else was with them as they entered the elevator.


He quickly held her shoulder with both hands and turned her body toward him to make eye contact with her.


“You don’t like it?”

“No. You’re going for work.”


“But why do you look so depressed?”


“Just because.”


“You’re acting like I’m going for three years.”


Shi Won glared at him.


“I know a month will pass by quickly. But are you okay with being away from me for a month?”

Manager Moon smiled for a while and patted her cheeks gently.


He stroked her cheek as if she was a child, patting her back with his palm and touching her hair softly.


Even though she knew that it was childish of her, she felt that a month was too long and couldn’t help but grumble.


It seemed like she felt better after he consoled her a bit.


“Aren’t you hungry?”

“Yes. But I’m not too hungry. We can go right away.”


“What do you want to eat?”


Manager Moon laughed.


“Anyway, just go anywhere.”


They got out of the company and ran on the dark road.


He decided where to go when suddenly he remembered Shi Won writing something down in the office.


“Ah. What was it that you were writing in the office?”

“What? Ah!”


She rummaged through the bag as she remembered and took it out.


Manager Moon seemed to be curious. He turned his head and looked at the paper.


“What is it? There are so many numbers.”


She laid out the sheet of paper on her left palm and pointed to the paper with her right index finger.


She glanced at the paper with a profound expression and turned her head towards Manager Moon.




Manager Moon nodded, looking at the front.


“I have worked hard on it. It’s 30 days a month. 24 times 30 is 720 hours. 720 times 60 is 43,200 minutes. 43,200 times 60 is 2,592,000 seconds. What do you think?”

Manager Moon looked at the Shi Won for a moment with a face that did not understand what she was talking about.


“What do you mean what do I think?”

“Do you not feel anything after hearing this?”

“Well… What are you…?”

“It’s so long.”



“A few hours… no, I miss even you after a few minutes and you’re going to be gone for that long. I’m mad just thinking about it…”


He couldn’t help but laugh at her while she was shaking her head even though he knew that he shouldn’t have been laughing.


Shi Won’s absurd figure looked so pretty and lovely.


She folded the paper with her hand and put it her bag.


“I know I’m weird.You can laugh at me.”

Manager Moon suddenly curved the steering wheel to the right and stopped on the side of the road.


She looked up at the window with her head up.


“Are we here?”



As soon as she heard the seat belt loosen, she turned her head slightly to the left to find that the seat belt button had been pressed.


Suddenly she felt a warm feeling on her cheeks.




Manager Moon leaned his upper body over the driver’s seat and came close to Shi Won, gently wrapping her cheeks with his both hands, swallowing her lips at once.


With that sudden kiss, she opened her eyes in a circle and looked at Manager Moon’s face.


The movement of the two people sharing a breath was getting thicker but the Manager Moon’s movement.


Manager Moon wrapped his hand behind her head to hold her firmly so that she wouldn’t push him away.


Then he gently licked her lips with the tip of his tongue and pushed into her lips to taste her warm mouth.


Then he turned his head and licked her lips with the same movement.


His movement made her feel more tingly and sensitive.


A passionate kiss that tugged at each other like a blazing flame was good but that soft kiss that seemed to be so slow made the whole body’s nerves more sensitive.


So it that’s what it was.


Every time he bit her lips, their saliva mixed. The strange sounds, along with his movements were clearly and irritably spread all over her body.




She didn’t resist this sensation and even let out a small sound from her mouth during the kiss.

She opened her eyes.


She saw him in front of her staring at her intently with a lively energy in his eyes that she never had never seen in him before.


As usual, he looked at her with a smile filled with warmth. His smile was like magic and made her smile unconsciously also.


“I’ll be back soon. Even if you miss me, bear with it.”


Shi Won nodded, and accepted what was to come.




She felt like a month was going to be a long time. But the time that she had left to spend with him went by quickly as the red circle on her calendar indicated that there were only two days left before his departure.


She had plans to go on plenty of dates with him before he had to leave, but to her despair she realized that he was busy with work and they couldn’t do anything.


[I have something to do so I’ll leave first today.]


She got up in the morning and saw the message from him.


“He does all the work in the world.”


She got ready for work while pouting.


When she arrived at work she saw the Manager Moon’s exhausted figure from the distance.


‘Do I need to give him some oriental medicine?’


Looking at Manager Moon anxiously, she walked over to her seat.


Upon seeing her face, Manager Moon gave her a smile and seeing his smile made her heart beat furiously.


Whenever he smiled or even looked at her, her heart would start pounding uncontrollably and she mumbled that she needed to take medicine instead of him.


Soon, the employees began to file into work one by one.


“Good morning.”


It had been a long time since Deputy Manager Shin came to this office.


Of course, she thought that he would come to see Manager Moon and she bowed her head at him.


A person came into the office following Deputy Manager Shin.


All of the staff’s attention was on her because of her loud heels clacking on the ground.


It was a woman with a slender body who looked quite tall even looking at her from a distance.


Shi Won watched as she walked into the office towards Manager Moon with Deputy Manager Shin.


When she saw her from a distance, her face was the size of a fist, but when she got closer, Shi Won was surprised by how small her face was and was amazed by its size.


With her small face, exotic eyes, intelligent nose, and attractive red lips, she looked stunningly beautiful.


Everybody’s attention was focused on her in the office.


Manager Moon looked at the two people in front of him and stood up.


“When did you come?”


Her lips gave Manager Moon a smile and greeted him as if they were good friends.


“Yesterday. Honey, you changed your style?”


She looked up and down at Manager Moon and Shi Won looked at her distastefully.


‘Honey? Is this bitch crazy? How dare she call him ‘honey?’ Even I’ve never called him that.’


They spoke as if they were very close to each other and this made Shi Won angry.


“Heum heum. Let’s talk outside? Because everyone is working right now. Let’s go Manager Moon.”


Deputy Manager Shin saw Shi Won glaring at the woman and that’s why he said that.




Manager Moon pushed his chair and followed them out of the office.


“It’s been so long. What’s wrong with your clothes?”


“Be quiet! Let’s talk outside.”


“Are we going to eat lunch?”


Shi Won turned her head and watched them leave. She glanced at the clock and saw that it was already 12.


When the three people left and were no longer in sight, Assistant Manager Kim, arms folded, walked towards Shi Won, looking at Manager Moon with eyes full of curiosity and suspicion.


“Who is that? She’s so pretty.”


“I don’t know.”


“She looked like she was familiar with Manager Moon.”


“I don’t know.”

“Those three people are friendly right? But she’s not an employee at our company, right?”

“I don’t know.”


“It’s lunch time, what do you wanna eat?”


“I don’t know.”


Assistant Manager Kim frowned at Shi Won who kept on saying ‘I don’t know’.


“Why are you so angry?”


“I don’t know!”


She felt that it was best not to disturb Shi Won right now so she went back to her desk.


Anyway, when the lady said “Honey”, it made her very frustrated. And she pointed out his appearance, so she must have known about his ordinary lifestyle and appearance.


She leaned on her desk and blinked her eyes.


‘I’ll ask him when he comes back.’


She knew that she shouldn’t be upset because she only saw them interact for a brief period of time.


Unlike other girls who would probably be thinking who that woman was, Shi Won was a simple woman who decided to ask Manager Moon about the lady’s identity upon his return. There was no point in worrying.


She smiled and went toward Assistant Manager Kim.


“Assistant Manager Kim, let’s go eat. Manager Park, let’s go.”


She laughed and walked toward the exit while Assistant Manager Kim stared at her incredulously.


Manager Park who stood up from her seat and looked up at Shi Won and asked Assistant Manager Kim.


“What’s wrong with Assistant Manager Han?”






“Can I slap her although she’s my senior?”


“What are you talking about?”


“Nothing. I guess she has bipolar disorder.”


“That’s okay. Let’s go.”


The two women walked toward Shi Won who was gesturing at them to come quickly near the exit.


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