TM: Late Reg Chapter 86

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Hi all o/ Sorry for the delay in chapters and thank you for your well wishes! 🙂 I wanted to get this out earlier but had an exam x.x Hope you enjoy your holidays (I know I’m late with Thanksgiving)! Please enjoy! -emptycube

TM: Regular Chapter 85

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Hey guys o/ Sorry! This was supposed to be out yesterday (it was all done and prepared) but I crashed q.q Thank you for the well wishes, I’ve been feeling much better since Saturday! Please enjoy o/ -emptycube

TM: Reg Chapter 83

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Hey all o/ This is your regular chapter for this week! Please enjoy! -emptycube To my SoJ readers: There will only be one chapter this week due to personal matters. I will make up for it at a later date. Sorry. btw: TM is on Myoniyoni’s Group Patreon! /o/ Please take a look if you’re interested. Thank you.