TM Ch 25

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Sorry I forgot to enable comments for the last chapter. T^T Here’s your daily! (With comments enabled) -Myoni   EDIT: hai guys~ this is Yoni btw.. I wont be able to get the next KotB chapter anytime soon today.. so please sleep if any of u guys are waiting? maybe no one? but still? anyways.. I’m currently still working on …

TM Ch 24

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Regular Chapter for today! btw, I did read ahead so sometimes I can’t participate in discussions because I already know what happens q.q -Myoni

TM Ch 23

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So I am not letting Yoni post Top Management again… Please enjoy! Also, I have found out the identities of his brother’s kids! Nieces AND Nephews. I won’t disclose their names because that’s revealed waaayyyy later. -Myoni