LE V1 (Main) Chapter 6-1

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Eevee here. As promised, an extra chapter for you guys. I notice my chapter stockpile reserves are running low again… Curse thee lab reports, may thy suffer in fire and brimstone, exit tests. V1 (Main) Chapter 6-1

LE V1 (Main) Chapter 5-2

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o/ Eevee here. So good news! When I first started translating this about a month ago, I asked the author for permission to translate this. It took me a month to realise that somehow his reply ended up in my spam folder (tehepero~), and after a bit more discussion, I am proud to say that we have THE AUTHOR’S PERMISSION …

LE V1 (Main) Chapter 5-1

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G’day lads and lasses, Eevee here. So the author of TLE commissioned some illustrations for this out of his own pocket. While Myoniyoni Translations has a policy of not hosting illustrations ourselves, we can link you to the relevant page. This illustration is from Chapter 3-2 and features Flute and Jinsu ‘camping’ (so to speak) out in the woods. Chapter …

LE V1 (Main) C4-2

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‘Ey yo, Eevee here. Here’s the weekly chapter! After making his resolution, our MC and his loli finds themselves under pursuit! What will happen to them from here? Chapter 4-2 HERE!   By the way, chapters are released on Tuesday or Thursday, depending on what mood I’m in.

New Project: The Legendary Engie!

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Hey y’all, Eevee here, it’s been a while since I finished Demon King and Hero. Like what, six months? But now I’m back with a project that’s (supposedly) one of the best web novels on Naver that hasn’t won a permanent license. A story about an engineer and his trials and tribulations in a world of fantasy. Even if you’re …