Welcome Haku!

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Hi, everyone! Myoniyoni Translations is happy to introduce Haku, our new translator, to our family! 😀 She is new to translating but is willing to dedicate her time to translate a novel called, “Taming Master” aka “TaMa”. She will be releasing two chapters every week (Wednesday and Saturday)! To check out our schedule click “here” please! Please try her novel and …

TaMa: Prologue + Ch 1

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Hello~ Nice to meet you, Haku here and I am a new translator on this site. I’ll be translating ‘Taming Master’ o/  I am still a noob at this, though, so I apologize in advance ^^;; but I’ll do my best, so I hope you’ll enjoy the book ouo Thank you! Please enjoy! [Prologue] [Chapter 1]