TaMa: Regular Chapter 181 + Announcement

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Hi everyone! Chapter 181 is out now! Please enjoy and thanks for reading! Also, the dreaded exam time has returned for me Q.Q So, unfortunately, I’ll be one chapter short this week, and I may also be a little late on releasing two chapters for the following week as I still have an exam then as well :’) I apologize for …

TaMa: Regular Chapter 179

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Hi everyone! So sorry this chapter’s late :’) I accidentally fell asleep after telling myself I need to upload a chapter… ^^;;; Anyways, here is chapter 179! Please enjoy and thanks for reading! o/

TaMa: Regular Chapter 178

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Hey guys o/ Chapter 178 is out now! Please enjoy and thanks for reading~ Also the important guilds and their affiliated empires have been added to the list of characters and familiars! Thank you to Zias for the suggestion 🙂