SS: Chapter 34 and an Announcement

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Hey guys. After an enlightening talk with Yoni, I’ve decided to forego translating in favor of trying to write my own novel. I am extremely thankful to myoniyoni translations and the team for being so awesome, shoutout to my editor Isleidir for being a champ, and for being so understanding about my decision. This place gave me my start in …

SS: Chapter 33

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Hey ya’all I believe that being exhausted at the end of the day is a good thing. It means that you gave it your all. I’m exhausted 🙂 Here’s Chapter 33  

SS: Chapter 31

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What’s up guys, It’s been a long week and a short weekend. Hope this is a nice break from your Monday. Voila! here’s Chapter 31 🙂

SS: Chapter 30

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Ah, finally… Chapter 30! It feels like it’s been a million years since I started this project, but I’m only 30 chapters in 0.0 There are something like 200 chapters, so I guess I only need to spend… 5.something million years. Jk. It’ll go faster than that. I promise.