SoJ: Reg Ch 35

Sorry, I wasn’t able to release the sponsored during the weekend. I just had an exam this morning and have another one on Wednesday. x.x I’ll try to get it out this weekend o/ Please Enjoy! ­čÖé -emptycube P.S. I indicated the┬álast chapter the DoA was up-to-date with. EDIT: conquer -> colonize since for some … Continue reading “SoJ: Reg Ch 35”

SoJ: Reg Ch 33 + Retribution Points

Episode 3: Age of Ghosts / Chapter 33: Break Time (1) (333 lol) Clarification on Retribution Points and Stats in general. Retribution Points is a stat/limiter. When people increase their Retribution Points, their cognitive ability and reflexes improve. However, the rank of the Retribution Points affects the karma points a person invests into a stat. … Continue reading “SoJ: Reg Ch 33 + Retribution Points”

SoJ: Sponsored Ch 32 + Happy Birthday to Obelisk

Thank you Arlos for fully sponsoring the final chapter of this episode! Happy Belated Birthday to Obelisk o/ Please wish him a┬áhappy belated birthday! Please enjoy Chapter 32: The King without Subjects. Also, I translated the author’s note for this chapter┬áas it was a response to Korean comments from last chapter (which were similar to … Continue reading “SoJ: Sponsored Ch 32 + Happy Birthday to Obelisk”