GS: Regular Chapter 188 + Announcement

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Hi, everyone! There was a bit of a mix up with the chapters for God’s Song. Chapter 185 was actually missed/skipped and chapter 186 was actually posted as chapter 185. And it kept moving like that until chapter 187. Thank you Black_Handkerchief for letting us know! 😀 So.. chapters are now back in order.. If you read all the way up …

GS: Volume 5 Chapter 186

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Hope you guys are enjoying GS! Volume 2 is also finished! Working on Volume 3, so hopefully I can get rest of the volumes on our site soon! Here is chapter 186! -Yoni

Welcome LightNovelCafe!!!

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Exciting news today! LightNovelCafe has decided to join Myoniyoni Translations! She will be translating God’s Song and Life Mission on this site /o/ As an added bonus, she will be releasing chapters for each Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week. (Friday’s chapters are up now) The ToC for Life Mission is complete, while the ToC for God’s Song is still under …