Welcome TayMor (new translator for KotB)!

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Hi, everyone! For those who are unaware~ we have a new translator for KotB! yay \o/ TayMor is new, and she still needs practice with Korean and translating! But, she will be translating KotB with me from now on and we hope to increase the number of releases in the future. Her first post and release can be found here! …

Recruiting an Editor (Grand Slam)!

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Hi, everyone! So Myoniyoni Translations is currently looking for an editor for Grand Slam! 🙂 If any of you are interested, please contact us through the contact form here! We are looking for someone of native-level English proficiency who enjoys the novel he or she is editing! Please keep in mind that there will be an editing test. Thank you, …

Welcome Xceed02! New Novel?! Grand Slam?!

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Hey, guys! It feels like we’re having a lot of announcements recently! This time, we are excited to welcome Xceed, the new addition to our Myoniyoni team! He will be translating Grand Slam, the first sports novel on our site! Please give him a warm welcome o/ You can read his post here! We would also like to note that …

Eeveelutionlvr is back w a new Novel!

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Hi, everyone! We are excited to let you know that Eeveelutionlvr (Translator of Demon King & Hero) is back with a new novel called ‘The Legendary Engie‘! Please check out his post here! (Mass Release of 7 chappies!) We sincerely welcome him back! 🙂 -Myoniyoni Translations

New Site Design

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Hey, everyone! So we decided it was time to update the site a little. o.o Some of the new features are: New Design New Logo, vector image so it should look crisp af o.ob Fixed Header, so that you can easily access the various menus (it also shrinks when you scroll so it doesn’t take up too much space) Night Mode, …