KotB announcement!

Hi, everyone! I have an announcement! Since I have too many assignments and tests due every Friday (I currently have 4 Assignments and 1 Test due tomorrow and this is just a normal week load of school for me). I have decided to change KotB’s release schedule (from Friday to Sunday). Sorry, for not announcing it sooner … Continue reading “KotB announcement!”

No or Late KotB and SoJ Chapters rest of this week!

Hi, everyone. I am sorry to announce that we might have late chapters or might have no chapters of SoJ and KotB, depending on our condition. I went to the emergency this morning because I was really in pain.. Myoni went with me.. So.. I’m still sick… and Myoni is tired af because of me… So… I’m sorry … Continue reading “No or Late KotB and SoJ Chapters rest of this week!”

Welcome LightNovelCafe!!!

Exciting news today! LightNovelCafe has decided to join Myoniyoni Translations! She will be translating God’s Song and Life Mission on this site /o/ As an added bonus, she will be releasing chapters for each Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week. (Friday’s chapters are up now) The ToC for Life Mission is complete, while the ToC for … Continue reading “Welcome LightNovelCafe!!!”