Commenting Event has ended!

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We would like to sincerely thank everyone who participated in this event! We ended our event with 655 comments! 😀 We know that as our first event it was a bit lacking but we really appreciate those who tried 🙂 So although we couldn’t make 1000 comments, we decided to reward those who tried by adding $15 towards a novel. …

Commenting Event! (Aug 10(ish) – Aug 21)

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We finally have ads on our new site so please kindly support us by whitelisting adblock on our site! So we will have an event starting today ending 11:59pm EST on Sunday, August 21. This event is for everyone! And everyone wins! Prize: $20 into donations for 1000-1999 comments $50 into donations for 2000+ comments

New Site! Same Domain!

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Hello everyone, Myoniyoni Translations have moved to a new host! Now when we were migrating, we lost Chapter 44 but now that’s back up! Sorry that your comments were all lost, we didn’t know that would happen. Please let us know if you see anything wrong and we will try to fix it asap! -Myoniyoni Translations

Hi, everyone~

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Hi, everyone ~ It’s Yoni~ For those who are currently waiting for a regular KotB chapter ! (if there isn’t anyone then… QQ) We won’t be releasing one right now cuz we are too tired and our brains won’t function right now to edit… Sry to disappoint you.. BUT!! the good news is that we will be releasing two for …