Myoniyoni is currently recruiting translators and an editor for VS!

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Myoniyoni Translations is currently recruiting new Korean translators and an editor for Valhalla Saga. We are a rapidly growing translation group and we believe that we have done a decent enough job that we have the expertise to help other Koreans who have been on the fence about joining this wonderful and expanding community. We are looking for dedicated members …

Beautiful Top Star and God’s Song dropped!

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Hello everyone, Today, I am the harbinger of bad news. Unfortunately, we have been requested by the publisher to take down two of our novels – Beautiful Top Star and God’s Song. Both these novels are dear to all of us, but we ask for your understanding as we comply with the publisher’s request. Thank you for all the support …

New Novel: Beautiful Top Star translated by pineapple!

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Hi, everyone! We are excited to let you know pineapple will be starting a new novel called, Beautiful Top Star (BTS)! He will be releasing 1 chapter/week~! Please do check out his novel and his first post here! He released the prologue and four chapters to get you guys started off! The prologue can be found here! Thanks! -Myoniyoni Translations …

Welcome Tsubak + Valhalla Saga!

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Hi, everyone! We are excited to welcome Tsubak who will be translating Valhalla Saga~! Raigeh, the editor for GrandS, will also be the editor for VS! Please give him a warm welcome! And check his first post here and read the prologue and chapter 1! 🙂 -Myoniyoni Translations

Absolute on the Mound: Hiatus

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Hi, everyone! So we have some bad news today. Absolute on the Mound (AotM) will no longer be a ‘current’ project as we haven’t been able to contact Abayo for a while. Currently, we will not be continuing the novel unless we hear back from Abayo or find a new translator to translate AotM. If anyone is interested in translating …