Absolute on the Mound: Hiatus

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Hi, everyone! So we have some bad news today. Absolute on the Mound (AotM) will no longer be a ‘current’ project as we haven’t been able to contact Abayo for a while. Currently, we will not be continuing the novel unless we hear back from Abayo or find a new translator to translate AotM. If anyone is interested in translating …

AotM: Chapter 2

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Hey guys! Thank you so much for the feedback for the Prologue and Chapter 1 🙂 I really appreciate it and of course will continue to take notes to improve. Here is Chapter 2 Enjoy!

AotM: Prologue, Chapter 1 and Introduction

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Hi Guys! I’m Abayo and I’ll be translating AotM here. I absolutely love sports novels and I’m really excited to be bringing you a baseball one *cough* I know nothing *cough* totally not jon snow *cough* I’m new to translating and baseball so go easy on me and do let me know about any mistakes you spot although hopefully the …