BTS Chp 3

Chapter 3: A surprising gift

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A gift?! That’s unreasonable.

I’m not a person who deserves a gift.

I didn’t even have the chance to raise my unborn child properly. What right do I have to receive a gift?

I am thirsty.

Baby. Why won’t you be born? I promise that I’ll be a good father. Your mother is a very kind person.

Woo Hyuk said in his mind.

Instead of replying, the baby fairy smiled and kissed him on the forehead.

At that moment, he felt a mysterious light pierce into his head.

[Dad, bye bye!]

The baby fairy waved her hand at him with a bright smile and moved backwards.

“Baby! Wait!”

Woo Hyuk stretched out his hand to stop it. But the baby fairy went backwards.


Ye Eun woke up in surprise by her husband’s voice.

“Baby, don’t go! I’ll raise you well. Please come back, baby!”

Her husband’s hand was stretched out.

Ye Eun carefully shook him.


Her husband’s eyes opened.

He got up abruptly and looked around.

“Honey did you have a dream?”

His gaze was blank and distant, like a child that had lost their parent.

Her heart tightened.

She hugged her husband.

Tears began to flow down her cheeks.

She felt sorry and grateful to her husband.

It had been 49 days since they lost their baby.

She thought he had forgotten about their baby’s existence.

But he didn’t.

Thank you for that.

Also, I’m sorry.


“I’m okay, let’s sleep.”
Woo Hyuk laid down on the bed after consoling his crying wife.

His wife lay next to him and tightly held his left arm as if he were a lifeline.

He closed his eyes and let his wife cling onto him.

He looked forward to seeing the baby fairy again, but the baby fairy didn’t show up.

Instead, he saw strange letters.

[The gift has arrived. Would you like to receive it?]


He thought the baby might come back.

If the strange gift was here, then there was no reason for it not to come back.

[Please stare at your decision for three seconds.]

He stared at [Yes] for three seconds.

Another line appeared.

[You are logged into the life-experience database.]

Life-experience database?

What is this?

I didn’t know what that was. The concept of the term “life-experience database” was ambiguous.

The dictionary definition of ‘life-experience database’ was to experience the life of another person as if I were that person.

However, he was unsure.

[Please check the list of lives you would like to experience.]

Familiar names and pictures appeared.

Bruce Lee, Marlon Brando, Charlie Chaplin, Robin Williams, Kim Seung Ho…

[Of the people who have passed, this is the list of people you have recently been interested in.]

This was true.

These were the actors he had recalled while watching the audition today.

[The list is ordered from highest to lowest, depending on your interest. This may change in the future according to your interests. Some new people may be added or some may disappear from the list.]

He hardly ever thought about Bruce Lee before, but in today’s audition, he began to think of him alot.

For the applicant that did the Bruce Lee imitation, as a man he thought the applicant was talented, but as an actor, he was envious.

[Please choose the person you wish to select and visualize their picture in your head for five seconds to decide. Then you can experience that person’s life. It takes about seven hours to complete the test. We recommend that you do the test during the night whenever possible. Please be advised that there will be a lot of energy consumed during the test.]

It takes seven hours to experience a person’s entire life?

Is that even possible?

Am I dreaming of the person’s life as if I’m watching a movie?

[After transitioning to their life, the visitor will experience all of the person’s physical and mental properties and they will learn some of their skills.]

His eyes widened.

After I transition, I will learn some of their skills?!

If this was true, then this would be a huge boon for the actor.

If he thought of Bruce Lee, then he could get Bruce Lee’s martial art skills, and if he thought of Marlon Brando, then he’d get Marlon Brando’s acting skills.

He was told that he would receive some of their skills and he wondered to what extent he would actually receive.

He wanted to immediately try the life-experience.

[The degree of transition may vary depending on the user’s concentration and condition. The transfer rate increases the more you repeat with the same person. However, as time passes, the abilities and skills you receive will gradually degrade. But by constantly training and developing those abilities, you will not only be able to slow down the degrading of your abilities, but you may also be able to maintain or improve those abilities.]

Now he understood the mechanics of the ‘life-experience’.

He hadn’t tried it yet and he didn’t know exactly what it was either, but it obviously was an incredible gift.

The baby fairy popped up in his head.

The baby that was inside his wife’s womb for a short period of time.

He wasn’t able to do anything for the baby and yet it gave him such a huge gift!

Another reason appeared for him to work hard and become a successful actor.

He had to at least become a famous actor for the baby.

[When you open your eyes, your connection will be disconnected. You can reenter the life-experience database of that person if you close your eyes again for five seconds, but you have to repeat everything from the beginning.]

He took a deep breath and pictured Bruce Lee’s image in his mind for five seconds.


The next morning.

His body felt like it had been run over by a train and ached immensely. “Why did you sweat so much?”

His wife asked with a worried voice.

Woo Hyuk just looked at his wife with a blank expression.

“Honey, are you alright?”

“I’m okay.”

“Are you sure you’re not hurt anywhere? You don’t look too good.”

“I must’ve just slept in a bad position. Don’t worry about it.”

He said this to his wife with a smile.

Woo Hyuk’s wife put her palm on his forehead.

“You don’t have a fever…”

“I told you, I’m fine.”

“You should get some more sleep. You look tired.”

His wife quietly got up from the bed and left the room.

Woo Hyuk sat on the bed and just dazedly looked around the room.

The things that occurred last night were fresh in his mind. It was too far-fetched to call it a simple dream.

There was no way he could believe that something like this could exist in this world!

Was it possible that everything that happened was just a dream, or was it just a figment of his imagination?

Life-experience database…..

He closed his eyes and activated the life-experience database.

[You have activated the life-experience database.]

A notice popped up saying that he had activated it.

He opened his eyes. Then the sign disappeared.

It definitely wasn’t a dream.

Last night, he lived the life of Bruce Lee.

The ‘life-experience database’ is an amazing thing.

I’ve watched all of Bruce Lee’s movies and many TV documentaries about his life.

But last night’s experience was completely different from watching a movie or documentary about him.

It wasn’t like a third-person dream where I was just watching his life like a bystander.

I personally re-lived Bruce Lee’s life: born in 1940, and passing away at the age of 33 in 1973.

How is that possible?

I have no idea.

Woo Hyuk might not know how it happened, but it did.

He only slept for six hours.

During that six-hour time period, Woo Hyuk lived through Bruce Lee’s entire 33 years of life.

He remembered about the story of Jang Ja, the man who dreamed of becoming a butterfly.

One day, Jang Ja dreamed that he had turned into a butterfly and was flying around. Jang Ja didn’t know what happened — whether he dreamed about becoming about the butterfly or if the butterfly dreamed of becoming him.

That was the exactly what Woo Hyuk was feeling.

He was confused whether he had lived as Bruce Lee last night or if Bruce Lee had lived his life as Woo Hyuk.

Is it true that after going through the ‘life-experience database’, the skills of the person’s life that I experienced will be transferred over to me?

Woo Hyuk’s body felt extremely exhausted but he got up from the bed and started doing push ups on the floor.




If it was him from before, he would have been tiring slowing down by now.

But today was different.




Now the rate at which he did push ups began to slow down.

If it was yesterday morning, this was where he would have stopped.

But he wanted to do a little bit more.

He soon reached his limit. His arms trembled and he couldn’t do anymore.

“No matter what, don’t give up, under any circumstances.”

His arms trembling, Woo Hyuk forced himself to keep doing push ups.

“If you quit now, you will be a quitter in the future.”

That was Bruce Lee’s mindset.

Woo Hyuk stopped doing push ups and laid on his back on the floor.

Was this the transference of Bruce Lee’s skills to him?

He was able to successfully do a kip-up [1] from his back. Woo Hyuk stared at the place where he had just been lying down.

“I did a kip-up?!!”

Today was the same as every other day, other than the fact that it was totally different than a normal day.

He was filled with confidence this morning.

Usually, when I get up in the mornings, I feel pretty heavy and lethargic, but right now, I feel as light as a feather.

The ‘life-experience database’ is an amazing gift!

It would be unrealistic to not succeed with this gift.

I predict that I have a bright future ahead of me.


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[1] Kip-up:


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