BTS Chp 2

Chapter 2: Nail-sized fairy

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Woo Hyuk let out a sigh of relief after he left the audition building and went back to the parking lot where he had parked his car.

Why are all of the other applicants so good looking? Although I’m pretty good looking and I have a nice body, compared to the other applicants, there is a huge difference between us. They aren’t just good looking or pretty; they have all the acting basics down, are good at singing, and some of them even know martial arts.

During the audition today, there was one applicant who did a great imitation of Bruce Lee’s martial arts which attracted most of the judges’ attention.

He was good at acting and martial arts, so it was no surprise that he caught their eyes.

The fact that an actor was good at martial arts meant that they were usually good at self-management, which was a major plus. But of course, the most important factor was how good their acting was.

Should I have at least gone to a taekwondo school? Woo Hyuk thought to himself as he felt like his few talents were meager and pathetic.

The talents and virtues that actors could acquire were endless. As Woo Hyuk continued to watch the auditions, he felt that his observations were right because the competition between the applicants became more and more intense.

They were all full of confidence and each applicant was younger and younger, but Woo Hyuk felt like he was just wasting his time as he was getting older and older.

He was now 32 years old, and he was one of the older applicants in the audition.

It wasn’t just his age that was the only factor. It was his experience also. Some of the audition applicants were younger than him, had more brilliant careers than him, and had many friends that had experience in acting in many different roles.

In the audition hall today, there were many prominent supporting actors that were being noticed.

It’s been two months since my last role in a movie. Recently it’s been difficult to find a new role.


The engine didn’t start. Woo Hyuk tried a few more times in vain. It finally died.

He laid back in the driver’s seat.

He was starting to get really annoyed but he just sat there and closed his eyes.

There’s nothing to be annoyed about. Nothing will change if you get angry.

The car did nothing wrong. I, the driver, am the problem.

Woo Hyuk contacted his insurance company and was able to get an emergency check up for his car. He thought the battery was the only problem, but it turned out that there were a lot of small things that needed to be fixed, so he had no choice but to leave the car at the nearest auto shop. It’s going to be difficult without a car. Although it was a shitty car, it still had its uses.

Of course, when heading to a shoot, the car would be a suitable place for him to practice his lines because there would be no sound even if he practiced loudly. He’d be able to practice breathing, meditation, vocalization, singing, script reading and monologue acting. It was also a place where he frequently went to take a break.

If Woo Hyuk were a part of a company or organization, they would have provided him with a vehicle and other necessities, but he’d been a freelance actor for six months now.

Woo Hyuk used to be part of an agency six years ago, but the agency went bankrupt and closed down after three years. It was unfortunate that it shut down just three years after he had joined.

Nowadays, nine out of ten entertainment agencies barely lasted longer than five years.

Not only the entertainment companies, but the actors and directors also found it hard to last longer than five years.

This time, he decided to be careful in deciding his agency.

He had to work hard until he found himself a new agency.

Fatigue was starting to creep up on him.

Every time he tried out at an audition, he never made the cut.

The sun quickly began to set.

He decided to go home early today where his kind wife would be waiting for him.


Someone was squatting in front of their house.

It was his wife.

In front of his wife was a small kitten that was at a reasonable distance from her.

“Where’s your mommy? Why are you all alone? Did you eat yet?” she said as she was talking to the cat.

Woo Hyuk stopped walking and watched.

“Hurry and go back to your mommy. She’s probably worried.”

The baby cat softly meowed.

“Did you lose your mommy? What a pity. Do you want me to be your new mommy? Do you want to live with me? Achoo!”

Surprised by her sneeze, the kitten backed up abruptly.

“I’m sorry! Were you surprised? I’m sorry, it was just a sneeze. Come on, it’s okay.”

His wife was allergic to cats.

She had always wanted to raise a cat but couldn’t do so due to her allergies.

He wanted to raise a dog instead of a cat but couldn’t because his wife had a fear of dogs. When she was younger, she had been bitten by a dog in nursery school.

But what his wife really wanted to raise was a baby, not a cat or a dog.

Their baby had died before it was even born.

“Don’t be scared.”

His wife slowly approached the kitten.

Surprised by her sneeze once again, the kitten ran away.

“No! Don’t go…”

His wife cried out to the kitten that ran away into the dark alley.

She looked up at the alley that the kitten ran away to then looked down at her stomach and touched her belly.

“My child…”

Woo Hyuk patiently waited outside, away from her sight until she went back inside.


“You haven’t eaten yet right?”

His wife asked this with a bright smile, with no traces of crying to be found on her face. Like she never even thought about their dead baby.

This fake appearance of his wife made him feel bitter.

“Wait for a bit. I’ll get the food ready.”

“Did you eat dinner already?”

“Huh? Yeah.”

Ye Eun was a bad liar.

Whenever she lied she would blink her eyes. Like she was doing now.

After they lost their baby, she lost her appetite and wouldn’t eat.

Woo Hyuk felt sorry for his wife who had lost a lot of weight, but he was also a little angry.

He constantly told her that she should eat more but she always lied about eating.

She probably hadn’t eaten lunch either.

Why do you keep lying to me?

Woo Hyuk knew she wouldn’t eat so he bought some dumplings before he came home.

He took out the plastic bag in front of his wife.

“What’s that?”


“But I’m full…”

She set up the table.

Woo Hyuk had no appetite but he ate in front of her for her sake.

His wife sat across from him and began eating the dumplings. For his sake.

She ate one.

And another one.

“It’s good!”

She smiled.

He also laughed. Desperately.


Woo Hyuk couldn’t sleep.

His wife was clinging to his arm.

He made sure his wife was covered by the blanket and stared at the ceiling.

He heard a song outside the window.

It’s our neighbor, Kim ahjussi.

Looks like he’s drunk again today.

🎜Our house cat is a crazy house cat

When I come back from school it goes woof woof woof

It’s not a son of a bitch but it goes woof woof woof🎜

It’s a song that my wife likes.

I have no idea why, but she laughs every time she hears that song.

Sure the lyrics are funny, but in my opinion, it’s not something to laugh about.

He looked at his sleeping wife, whose chest was moving up and down.

Woo Hyuk then looked back up at the ceiling and closed his eyes.

It was at that moment.

[Dad! Hello!]

He heard a voice come from somewhere.

It was very close to Woo Hyuk.

Not too far away.

Woo Hyuk opened his eyes and looked around, but didn’t see anything.

He closed his eyes again.

[Hi Dad!]

It was that same voice.

What is that?

Am I hallucinating?

This time he opened his eyes and saw something in front of him.

It was a fingernail-sized baby fairy.

She had a clear smile.

It was his first time ever seeing a fairy, but the baby fairy seemed to be familiar for some reason.


The baby fairy had mixed features of both Ye Eun and Woo Hyuk.

[I want to give you a gift. Please accept it.]

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