Beautiful Top Star and God’s Song dropped!

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Hello everyone,

Today, I am the harbinger of bad news.

Unfortunately, we have been requested by the publisher to take down two of our novels – Beautiful Top Star and God’s Song.

Both these novels are dear to all of us, but we ask for your understanding as we comply with the publisher’s request.

Thank you for all the support you have provided us and hope for your continued support of Myoniyoni Translations.


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  1. Well, it’s saddening but I’m fine with it, just a little sad about God’s Song since there’s already been many chapters now.

  2. Choose a new interesting book…. With 4/5 release per week. Did anyone checked the qidian international. The fast release book are always much popular than 1/week release. Hard core readers like those lollipop. So just keep in mind. I know most translator here is mostly part timer.

    Ps- Don’t forget to ask for permission for new novel to translate.

    Thanks to all the translator and the site for all the Hard work.

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