GS Chapter 281 + Epilogue

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Hi, everyone! It is sad to know that this is the end of God’s Song… 🙁 Hope everyone enjoyed reading all those chapters and will enjoy the last bit of GS! Thanks again for being such wonderful readers and supports! And please leave a comment at the end of the Epilogue so that LightNovelCafe can see them when she gets …

SoJ: Late Reg Chapter 148

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Thank you for the get-well wishes, everyone! Here is last week’s second chapter! Trying to do catch up ASAP! o.ob (To my TM readers, I’m sorry, TM chapters will be out later this week) Please enjoy! ^^ -emptycube

SoJ: Late Regular Chapter 147

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Heyo o/ Sorry for not being able to get the chapters out on time. I would say a large part of being unable to get the chapters out in time was a pile-up of assignments due on the same day. q.q Here is the delayed chapter for last week o/ Please enjoy (I think you will like it)! -emptycube

GS: Regular Chapters 279 + 280

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Hello, everyone! Please enjoy these two God’s Song chapters! 🙂 Hope you all had a great weekend! We just now have the last chapter and the epilogue left for next week 🙁 Chapter 279 Chapter 280 -Nadu