LM: Regular Chapters 184 + 185

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Hi, everyone! Sorry for the late release! These are from last week! Two more chapters are coming out sometime this week! Hope you enjoy these chapters of Life Mission 🙂 Chapter 184 Chapter 185 Please enjoy! -emptycube

Welcome Tsubak + Valhalla Saga!

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Hi, everyone! We are excited to welcome Tsubak who will be translating Valhalla Saga~! Raigeh, the editor for GrandS, will also be the editor for VS! Please give him a warm welcome! And check his first post here and read the prologue and chapter 1! 🙂 -Myoniyoni Translations

TM: Regular Chapter 85

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Hey guys o/ Sorry! This was supposed to be out yesterday (it was all done and prepared) but I crashed q.q Thank you for the well wishes, I’ve been feeling much better since Saturday! Please enjoy o/ -emptycube