IBHB Chapter 9

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IBHB Chapter 9   G’day, and welcome to another chapter of IBHB! Today, we get a staple cliche of many stories with the ecchi tag, the ‘bath scene!’ Although, this story being what it is, nothing ever follows the traditional tropes.   Funny thing that happened the other day: *Me talking IRL with my fellow weeb friend about light novels …

LE V1 (Main) Chapter 7-2

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V1 (Main) Chapter 7-2 o/ Eevee here. Like I’ve promised, early chapter. Don’t pester me for the next week or so, I need to play host to my visiting mum and need to get some Uni stuff sorted (namely, assignments orz)

IBHB Chapter 8

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IBHB Chapter 8   o/ Eevee here guys. I figured since the last chapter was pretty cliffy, I figured I’d let you have my last pretranslated chapter. Since this is my last chapter in my stockpile, I can’t guarantee consistent releases from here onwards, till September at least,  just that they will come. Also, I’ll be releasing a TLE chapter …

IBHB Chapter 7

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IBHB Chapter 7 This chapter has been brought to you by Kirindas, for being such a GC and commenting on all of my releases, thereby making this translator very happy and willing to release another chapter. Remember, an abundance of comments is an easy way to make most translators very happy chappies. (And sometimes release them too.)