LE V1 (Main) Chapter 6-2

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V1 (Main) Chapter 6-2   Hai, hai, Eevee desu. Okay, so you know how I got the author’s permission to TL this? Apparently he’s this close to signing a formal contract with Naver as one of their affiliated authors, final results TBA around September. While he has no problems with my continuing to translate this even once he gets licensed, the …

LE V1 (Main) Chapter 6-1

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Eevee here. As promised, an extra chapter for you guys. I notice my chapter stockpile reserves are running low again… Curse thee lab reports, may thy suffer in fire and brimstone, exit tests. V1 (Main) Chapter 6-1

LE V1 (Main) Chapter 5-2

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o/ Eevee here. So good news! When I first started translating this about a month ago, I asked the author for permission to translate this. It took me a month to realise that somehow his reply ended up in my spam folder (tehepero~), and after a bit more discussion, I am proud to say that we have THE AUTHOR’S PERMISSION …

LE V1 (Main) Chapter 5-1

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G’day lads and lasses, Eevee here. So the author of TLE commissioned some illustrations for this out of his own pocket. While Myoniyoni Translations has a policy of not hosting illustrations ourselves, we can link you to the relevant page. This illustration is from Chapter 3-2 and features Flute and Jinsu ‘camping’ (so to speak) out in the woods. Chapter …

LE V1 (Main) C4-2

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‘Ey yo, Eevee here. Here’s the weekly chapter! After making his resolution, our MC and his loli finds themselves under pursuit! What will happen to them from here? Chapter 4-2 HERE!   By the way, chapters are released on Tuesday or Thursday, depending on what mood I’m in.