The Legendary Engie officially dropped

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Hey guys, Eevee here. It’s been a while since I posted any TLE stuff. As you can tell by the title, I come with the regretful news that TLE is officially dropped. Reason being is that I got in touch with the author again regarding the future of the translation, and while he was happy to let it continue, the …

IBHB Chapter 31

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IBHB Chapter 31   So… this would have been out a couple days earlier except: WTF Game Freak when we said that legendary Pokemon boss fights were too easy this wasn’t what we meant. Ultra Necrozma too OP pls nerf and: Phone fell out of pocket in middle of storm landed in puddle didn’t realise till 30 seconds later didn’t …

IBHB Chapter 28

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IBHB Chapter 28   Nearly there, both of this arc and this novel. Double chapter release tonight, if you can’t see the second release yet, gimme a couple more minutes while I put up the finishing touches.