AotM Prologue

TL: Abayo

Editor: Isalee


When Lee Jinyong first picked up a baseball glove, he had three dreams.

The first was to be a professional baseball player, the second was to enter the MLB, and the third was to personally meet the one called the ruler of the major leagues, the great pitcher Kim Jin Ho.

But despite Lee Jinyong’s three dreams, he would give up baseball in the winter of his 2nd year of high school, and these three dreams of his would become distant memories to reminisce about on long days.

However, at this moment, one of those dreams had come true.

— Hey you! Are you able to see me?

“Ki-Kim Jinho?”

Kim Jinho.

In his 11 seasons of playing in the major leagues, he had won 5 Cy Young awards.

In his short 11 seasons of playing, he was the man who had won 215 titles and had reigned over the major leagues as a ruler.

“Oh my God, You… for sure, 10 years ago…”

To be precise, exactly ten years ago on December 2006 he had died in a car accident, marking the end of his legend.

— 10 years have passed since I died?

The man, who had appeared like a ghost, was in front of Lee Jinyong’s eyes.

— But, what is that? Do you guys get things like that these days?’

In fact, Kim Jinho wasn’t the only thing that Lee Jinyong could see.

“Huh?” Lee Jinyong said, confused.

— What is that? There’s a translucent holographic window in front of you.

“A hologram window?”


[Baseball Manager Starts]


‘Fuck! What is this!’

— Oh, come on! That surprised me! Hey! Why are you like this all of a sudden?’

‘No, that is… What on earth is this?’

— Oi! I’m the one who asked!

‘……This is crazy.’



Lee Jinyong started baseball again with his two managers.


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  1. Hey, glad to see a sports story getting translated. There’s been a couple attempts previously but they got abandoned almost immediately.

    “had won 215 titles” should be “had won 215 games.” Or even just “had 215 wins.”

    I also have a style suggestion. You put almost every sentence in the passive voice prefacing the verb with ‘had’, and that’s generally considered a faux pas.


    “In his short 11 seasons of playing, he was the man who had won 215 titles and had reigned over the major leagues as a ruler.”


    “In his 11 short seasons of play, he was the man who won 215 games and reigned over the major leagues as a ruler.”

    The exact same information is conveyed, but it reads a lot better.

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