KotB: Chapter 85 + Annoucements

Hi, everyone!

I have announcements to make about my releases for KotB.

I have been avoiding changing my release schedule to irregular, hoping that I could manage a schedule.

However, I don’t think I can for the time being with my current schedule. I will release chapters whenever I can without any schedule until I can manage a regular schedule.

Regarding what to do with my donations I have currently on tab, I have already sent an email out to my donators on the 16th regarding this and half have replied. For the donators who have yet to reply, please do so.

Thank you for reading. Hope you guys would understand and enjoy this chapter! 


7 thoughts on “KotB: Chapter 85 + Annoucements”

  1. Or why not wait till your schedule gets back on track? The accumulated donations can be there to serve as a reminder that when do get free time (watching videos, playing videos, texting your gf, etc.) you’ll realize that there is higher calling waiting for you to return to tbe promise land of translation.

    Thanks for not forgetting us little people.

    1. Not gonna go poof~! I am definitely wanting to finish and to complete the novel I have started… just with final projects, final presentations, and final exams its being delayed than usual. Hope to release one soon though! 😀

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