Late Annoucement but NO KOTB this week!

Hi, everyone!

Sorry to announce this late but I don’t think I can get KotB release this week. I have tried but I wasn’t feeling all that well, my mom just had her surgery on Tuesday,  I had a few assignments due by Friday and have too many assignments, tests, and interviews to prepare for this coming week.

I have released two regular chapters so far besides that one time where I only released one instead of two. I know I haven’t been getting those sponsored chapters either but besides school and family issues, I have been trying to translate so hope you guys would understand and wait for KotB.

Thanks for reading.


6 thoughts on “Late Annoucement but NO KOTB this week!”

  1. Do it when ya can and not force yourself. Much as I love KotB I love knowing the translator is focusing on their personal life all the better, since it usually goes hand in hand with translating.

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