Announcement: Darkmode + Myoni is getting a name change

First, we have dark mode! Well, kinda. It’s the best I can do for now.

Just click (tap) the accessibility icon on the top right corner and you can set the background to however you like. To reset, just press “Clear cookies”.

Next, Myoni will now be emptycube (just like how it is on NUF). emptycube was actually supposed to be the name I was originally going to start with but then I just lazily decided to split Yoni’s original name in half and take the first part.

This probably doesn’t change anything but we are just announcing it to avoid confusion.

TL;DR: Myoni -> emptycube || Yoni -> Yoni

-emptycube (formerly, Myoni)

9 thoughts on “Announcement: Darkmode + Myoni is getting a name change”

  1. Can i ask a question? Why cat? Its a cat right? Im not seeing things right? Im not crazy right? Right? Right?

  2. Nice of you to get a dark mode ! You should try to add grey in the panel if possible and the options to change the color of the written text too. It’s nice to think of people who read at night and such so thank you ;p

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