KotB: Sorry the last release of the week ~ Chapter 69

Hi, everyone!

Thanks for waiting! It is done! 😀 

Since I got a bit of school work done ahead I am going to try and release both sponsored chapters as well as the regular chapters this week! But, I might be late sometimes so please do understand!


p.s. Hope you guys are also enjoying TaMa translated by Haku! She will be releasing more chapters next week cuz she got some sponsors! YAY! Congrats! Hope you will give her novel a try if you haven’t! 😀

7 thoughts on “KotB: Sorry the last release of the week ~ Chapter 69”

  1. I was wondering what TaMa you were mentioning till i looked around.. So was Taming Master, kind of interesting. I will accumulate chapters before i start.. Thank you for the chapter

  2. Good lord that tittle is scary when you read it from the window, I was like oh nice a new release *reads* motherfucking no

  3. I’m enjoying TaMa. I just hate how fast I binge read on this series and TaMa. Sometimes it’s better to wait until a series has 1-200 chapters out T_T The wait is so frustrating lol

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