SoJ ch 17

Kicking the month off with Sovereign of Judgment!


BTW: I am capitalizing the names of monsters now. crooks -> Crooks


EDIT: Choi Hyuk is the King without Subjects and Baek Seoin is his first follower.

EDIT: Due to the irony of the King without Subjects having Subjects, I’ve decided to change King without Subjects to King without His People. After translating for a while I realized that I made the mistake of translating two different words into the same word (albeit correctly), so I decided that it would be best to make the distinction. Sorry for the confusion.

4 thoughts on “SoJ ch 17”

  1. TY for the chapter! Are you OK? I notice you’ve changed formats, is that because you’re too tired to bother?

    Be healthy guys, be open and take care of yourselves before worrying about us. 😀

    1. If you are talking about the changes in formats (ie ToC, Posts, Chapters and some visual changes), we’ll announce why we are doing this later once we are done with all the changes. :c We are probably going to make a few more changes and (hopefully) add some extra features.
      I promise we are okay xD

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