15 thoughts on “Sponsored Chapter?!”

  1. I just want to let u know that some site is posting your translations. I don’t know if u r aware or not, but this happened to another novel that I read. The site that’s posting ur translation is lightnovel.com

    Thanks for ur hardworking I really like this novel.

        1. hey, when will the next sponsored chap of king of the battlefield come out since their is one in the queue now ??

          1. The next one will be released tonight~ 😀 and then we will be releasing a regular chapter after midnight today~ 😀 (I’m working on it right now! so hopefully I can get it out to you soon! :3 )

      1. Mhm.. Unfortunately after doing a little investigating, looks like its been posted on reddit and such. Doesnt seem like there has been anything done with it and I dont see any way of contacting the site admin. Thank you for letting us know and we hope that you continue to support our site! o/

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