KotB: Chapter 80 + Announcement

Hi, everyone!

Hope you enjoy this chapter of KotB!

However, I have another announcement to make. Since I have been very busy with school, I don’t think I will be able to have 2 regular chapters done on specific dates of the week. I have been trying and it has been really hard and stressful. Therefore I will be, hopefully, releasing 2 regular chapters per week just not on specific dates. So please follow us or keep KotB in your reading list on NU. 😀




LM: Chapter 110 & Chapter 111

Hello, everyone!

LightNovelCafe has been really busy lately and so she wasn’t able to translate + release a chapter of GS yesterday…

However! She has gladly decided to add another chapter of Life Mission to make up for a chapter (a GS chapter) she missed! YAY \o/

So hope you guys enjoy the two chapters (one regular + one makeup) and give a shout to LightNovelCafe for her dedication while she is busy with RL! 🙂

Chapter 110

Chapter 111